Pre-Order Product Policy

This section gives you a quick and short overview of "Pre-Order-Products" and its "Terms of Sale".  

Please read this our general Terms Of Sale before purchasing a Pre-Order Product at


Certain products will be available to pre-order. 

We have made this decision to try out a more sustainable way for fashion and we hope it will help us to avoid overproduction but we do need you to be open for it too. Help us to show that there are better ways for fashion. It is a slower process but we'll make sure it's worth the wait. Thanks for your support. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter so we can keep you posted about the order process.

You will place an order and it will be sent to you as soon as the custom-made item is ready to be shipped. You will be updated and notified over every step via mail, newsletter, and/or website. The expected shipping time will be shown in the description. Please be aware, that this communicated date is no guarantee.

1. Pre-orders are possible until a certain timeline that will be communicated (usually around 2-3 weeks)
2. The pre-order option will be closed (i.e. after 2 weeks)
3. Products will be ordered (Usually it takes 2-8 weeks, depending on the product)
4. Products will be shipped. You'll receive a notification with tracking ID.


Note: Some items will be produced quicker than others. Due to the ongoing Ukrainian war, the energy crises and Covid, we can not estimate anything more precise but you can be sure that we will give our best and that it will be worth the wait.



Definition: "Pre-Order-Products" will be marked due to a "Pre-Order"- purchase button instead of a "BUY" button. "Pre-Order-Products" will also be recognisable due to the following additional information in the product description 

-"This is a Preorder-Product"
-"This product is out of stock.",
-"This product is sold out but available to pre-order."-
"We will fulfill the order as soon this product becomes available.

"Pre-Order Products are also marked with "Pre-Ordered Item: 1"  in the Checkout process. The phase of how long a product is available to pre-order will be communicated in the description or on the website.

11.2.1 COTIERE has a 14-day return policy for pre-order products: you have 14 days from when your order is delivered to ship/postmark it back to our return centre (mentioned below). You can either exchange it for a bigger or smaller size or get a refund in form of a store credit (i.e. as gift card) for the online shop at but Pre-Order Products can not be returned and refunded as our regular stock items since it was specially made for you. 

11.2.2 Pre-Order Products can be returned if they got damaged during delivery or have defects or mistakes in manufacturing. In that case, you will be fully refunded.  Please make sure to apply and complete the return through our Return Portal and document why or how it is or got damaged. You will be asked to upload a photo in the return portal and be fully refunded via your original payment method when it got approved.

11.2.3 If there are not enough pre-orders for a certain product, you will be refunded shortly after the pre-order period ended.

    If you have any questions or comments: please reach out on social media or to 

    We are happy about any feedback.

    Love Cotiere