Cotiere makes beautiful, durable clothing for creative people that live - or aspire to live - a life between the land and sea.


Our clothes reflect a contemporary urban lifestyle and the unstrained freedom of the ocean that seamlessly weaves together art, surfing, skateboarding, and fashion, wherever in the world it is found.


Our attention to detail is reminiscent of classic couture, ensuring that each piece is well-tailored and of the highes quality. 






Cotiere and its founders believe in quality over quantity and care deeply about our planet, our environment, and our respectful co existence with nature and each other. This informs everything we do as individuals and as a company.


Our products are made with durable, natural materials that las. The majority of our garments are sourced and produced in Europe. The small percentage that is not, is GOTS certified.


We ensure that all our manufacturers provide ethical, respectful working conditions, and we will continue to increase our awareness and understanding of planet-focused and best practices for sustainability as Cotiere grows.